Easy-to-use network inventory

We would like to offer you an easy-to-use solution for automatic inventory of whole network based on our software. The idea is to perform automatic hidden inventory of all network computers while they are connecting to network server.

To install automatic hidden inventory of your LAN you'll need:

Step 1: to place MvPCinfo into network server shared folder

e.g. \\SERVER\inventory$\PCinfo\mvPCinfo.exe

Step 2: to create a Configuration File (pcinfo.cfg) and place it into the same folder

e.g. \\SERVER\inventory$\PCinfo\pcinfo.cfg

Below is an example of simplest one-line pcinfo.cfg:

-sXml -e1 -onSoft -d\\SERVER\inventory$\PCinfo\Reports

-s parameter forces MvPCinfo to run hidden and save XML report into directory specified by -d parameter; -e1 specifies performing inventory not more often than once a day

Step 3: to include a launch of MvPCinfo into server's logon script

e.g. start \\SERVER\inventory$\PCinfo\mvPCinfo.exe

That's all. Now inventory will be performed automatically and invisibly to network users.
(Please, get more info from MvPCinfo Help PDF)